Time and Change

It has been a very long time since I visited this site although I have been mindful throughout that I have been neglecting it. Perhaps this requires some explanation.

We sold our home in Orkney in late 2017 and went to live on the road in a motorhome. This was not just a major lifestyle change but also required many incidental changes. The most important of these was the sale of my camera, lenses and associated kit. That hurt! I swapped my Canon 6D for an Olympus OMD EM10 Mii (mirrorless micro 4/3) - something that would take up less precious room in the van and be small and light enough to carry around on our travels.  It should have been good but I had almost immediate problems with it. I never grew to love it, never appreciated the images that I took with it and generally became despondent about my images and my perceived lack of skill. I simply was not shooting anything that I felt that I wanted to share - there was nothing that I felt that I could be proud of.

In addition, we had issues regarding our Internet connection and most forms of blogging and image-sharing had to take a necessary back seat.

So, why am I back at long last? because I have a new camera! Another mirrorless but full-frame this time - a SONY A7RM3 - It is a birthday gift to me, given a little early. I do find myself feeling better about the images that I am shooting.

It is unlikely that I will be buying lenses etcetera and will probably stick to the lens that came with my camera for the foreseeable future. We still spend much time travelling in a van and do not have the space for much photographic kit.

To help fire up my photo mojo, I have signed up for an online class. It seems to be working to re-enthuse me. Not that I am producing images to be proud of yet but practice will help, I am sure. 

This was the first frame from the camera. I unpacked it, fitted the lens, pointed and shot.

First shot from the new SONY - take of the lovely man that bought it for me

Pretty pleasing after the mundane performance of the Olympus.

I really want to make more of this domain and will try to remember to engage with it every now and again. I really hope to begin producing good images once again - sufficient to feel that I want to share them here.

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