More change

The arrival of my Sony has necessitated further change. Firstly, my copy of Lightroom will not handle the Sony raw format. So I trialled the Creative Cloud Classic version. The images that the Sony produces are huge and far too large for my laptop to cope with. They kill Lightroom stone dead. Furthermore, we do not really have sufficient bandwidth to be uploading images of that size to the cloud, despite recently setting up a new provider account... so backups are an issue too.

Solutions that have been settled upon:

The new PC will have the processing power, full backups will be local, and as we cannot make use of the Terabyte of storage with Lightroom CC, we chose the Photography plan at the same price. The 20GB storage may never be used to any real effect but Amazon offers free unlimited storage with the Prime account. Due to bandwidth issues I will upload only images that I want to share online and these will most likely be resized prior to upload but will prove a useful second backup in case of catastrophe striking.